Dual D-Type Panels

Design your own panel with Maxxum Universal Dual D Series Panels, offering nearly 200 AVP Single D and Dual D modules, or integrate almost any other industry standard D-type mount connector. Included are designation labels with lexan covers, 3" [75mm] or 6" [150mm] deep cable strain relief bars, Jackfield Identification System (JIS) Panel and Maxxum Identification System (MIS) Module Color-Code Systems and tapped connector mounting holes.
The AVP Maxxum Dual D Universal System offers all these features in your choice of 1RU, 1.5RU, or 2RU panels.
AVP's Universal Panel Systems are the choice of major integrators and end users worldwide. With more than 30 years of ongoing development, AVP Universal Systems continually set new standards of excellence in bulkhead system layout, flexibiliity and ruggedness.

Maxxum Dual D-Type Panels accept Dual D-Type and Single D-Type modules. 
Maxxum Single D-Type Panels accept Single D-Type modules Only.