AVP Mosaic audio and video patching components provide exceptional functionality and circuit identification standards to simplify system design, installation, operation and maintenance.

Key Mosaic Features:

  • CIS (Circuit Identification System) allows color-coding of every circuit to visually identify each circuit by color
  • Patented designation design maximizes viewable area
  • Numbered jack positions for quick and accurate installation, system troubleshooting and operational ease
  • Front-mount jacks simplify system re-design and maintenance

AVP suggests the use of the following color code to indicate various normaling options in Mosaic jackfields and patchbays. You are not limited to this color coding, as indicators are available in 13 colors. Our customers have found they are able to quickly determine the operation of each circuit by using the following standard:

  • Red: Full Normals: Red coding is used for 'full normals' (normals strapped) to designate STOP and be sure of your action because patching a full normalled jack will cause you to lose a circuit.
  • Yellow: Half Normals (audio): Yellow coding signifies patching into 'half normaled' positions, and CAUTIONS that patching the input (bottom jack) will break the path, while it is safe to patch into the top (output) without breaking the path.
  • Green: No Normals: Green coding indicates a 'non-normaled' circuit, GO-ahead and patch, nothing to lose!

Circuit Identification System (CIS)

Jackfield Identification System (JIS)

Mosaic jackfields are shipped with each jack normaling type identified by color, but interchangeable indicators are available in 13 colors so you can color-code your system according to your own system design (easily identify critical circuits, source and destination, signal type, etc).

  • Bantam: 1 Indicator per circuit
  • Longframe & Video: 2 Indicators per circuit