About Us

AVP MFG & Supply Inc., founded in 1985, is a manufacturer of commercial broadcast,
telecom, and satellite equipment, including the design and manufacturing of
audio, video, and digital jackfields, connectors, wire and cable assemblies.
AVP sells through world-wide distribution, and also partners directly with clients,
designing and manufacturing custom jackfield and panel solutions. 

The AVP Team
The AVP Team consists of personnel who are focused on quality customer relations
and service, advanced design engineering, and manufacturing excellence.

Major Products
• Patented Mosaic Product line with Circuit Identification System (CIS)
• Patented Rapid Punch (RPT) Jackfields and Wall Blocks
• Patented Award-winning Morph System Audio Jackfields
• SuperHD+ Ultimate Serial Digital Video Jackfields
• RS422/Datapatch Jackfields
• EDAC Connectorized Jackfields
• Patchcords and Cable Assemblies
• Custom Telecom and Satellite Panels

AVP sells world-wide, through distribution, systems groups, and OEM channels,
to commercial broadcast, telecom, and satellite end-users. AVP is currently represented
in the Americas, Europe, Israel, Africa, India, China, SE Asia, and Australia.

AVP Mfg. & Supply Inc. designs and manufactures premium quality, innovative
product for its targeted market sectors. Exemplary product, short turn-around
time, competitive pricing, and high-quality customer support has produced
extraordinary product-line acceptance and customer loyalty.

• US Patent: 5,730,618; Rapid Punch Terminal (RPT) System
• US Patent: 6,540,562; Morph Module Audio System
• US Patent: 6,280,238; Full-Face Jackfield Designation Plate

In the interest of improved design and performance, AVP reserves the right
to make changes in its specifications without prior notice.